The track, right of way and bridges that form the Austin and Northwestern Railroad Historic District (Fairland to Llano) represent an investment that reflected the imperatives of a different age - an age of intense development and activity. It is an investment that could not be justified now. These assets are priceless and irreplaceable and should be preserved for future generations as an example of past achievements and an inspiration for future accomplishments.

Llano River Railroad is established to:

    • Educate the general public in the value of the railroad to the historical, agricultural, industrial, commercial and cultural development of the City of Llano and Llano County by maintaining a museum with educational displays containing railroad memorabilia and artifacts, especially those relating directly to the railroad serving Llano.
    • Interpret the development and historic impact of the railroad through classes and presentations at the historic rail district as well as in schools and educational institutions.
    • Promote an understanding amongst the general public of the importance of rail service, not only in a historic context, but with regard to future needs of society and the environmental implications of increased rail use.
    • Promote the use and preservation of the Austin and Northwest Railroad Historic District within Llano County and with attention to specific sections as identified by the board.
    • Establish tourist and educational rail excursions along sections of the track, with commentary relating to the agricultural, industrial and commercial concerns that prospered as a result of the railroad’s arrival.